Class Room Flirting
Become the most popular girl in high school by flirting with as many boys as you can. But be careful with the other girls because if they catch you they won't let you do it.
Critter Escape
Critter Escape How to Play : Simon Welk's mad scientists love to experiment on Muck Critters. One lucky critter found a way out of his cage. Tags : Played : 470 times
Urban Fatburner
Urban Fatburner How to Play : Fatty can jump, yo.Avoid all fastfood and obstacles, and don't fall or it's game over. Space bar - To jump. Tags : Played : 472 times
Escape The 13th Floor
Escape The 13th Floor How to Play : While walking home late one night a car stopped and you heard a strange voice. That voice is the last thing you can remember. Tags : Played : 470 times
Speed Escape
Speed Escape How to Play : Kyle is the master of escape games and he prepared three puzzles for you! If you're ready for the challenge, start by escaping the three rooms. Tags : Played : 681 times
Prison Bustout
Prison Bustout How to Play : Try to bust out of prison! You will have to be stealthy to outsmart the guards! Don't try to hide underneath the spotlights though as they will still be able to see you! Arrow Keys - Move. Shift - Run. A - Hide. S - Jump. D - Attack. Tags : Played : 444 times
Being One Episode 3
Being One Episode 3 How to Play : Escape, Climb higher and find out more about what you are! Tags : Played : 432 times
The London Tower
The London Tower How to Play : he London Tower is a sweet little platform game. Tags : Played : 485 times
Mayan Escape
Mayan Escape How to Play : Escape from the Maya pyramid. Use the mouse to move it throughout the rooms and make click in the objects to inspect them. Tags : Played : 406 times
Frat Boy Blind Date Horror
Frat Boy Blind Date Horror How to Play : Use arrow keys to move. Follow on screen instructions. Tags : Played : 462 times
Escape In The Darkness
Escape In The Darkness How to Play : Help the kid to survive the darkness. Tags : Played : 398 times
The Fog Fall
The Fog Fall How to Play : Escaping with a delicious historical context! Tags : Played : 421 times
Free Icecrem
Free Icecrem How to Play : Escape the butchers house after you made the choice to get free ice cream. Tags : Played : 445 times
The Morning After
The Morning After How to Play : It's the morning after a party. Can you escape from the student house? The object of the game is to find the front door key so you can escape. Tags : Played : 452 times
Escape from Elm Street
Escape from Elm Street How to Play : Use arrow keys to interact. Tags : Played : 416 times
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Escape
Super Sneaky Spy Guy Escape How to Play : A super sneaky spy guy could bust out of here like a wet paper bag. Tags : Played : 382 times
Stay in the Light
Stay in the Light How to Play : Escape the hospital by hopping to the flickering lights. Tags : Played : 664 times
Lady Gaga Saw
Lady Gaga Saw How to Play : Lady Gaga is locked up in a house full of madness. Very well known figures like the Joker are there. Help her solve puzzles and escape from this lunic! Tags : Played : 794 times
Getaway How to Play : Drive the getaway vehicle and try reaching the safe house before the police catches you. Tags : Played : 500 times
Escape The Doli House
Escape The Doli House How to Play : Keeping you interest up to a maximum level, this super escape game will challenge you to find Totos blankie and Sisis woolen ball as you try to escape the fantasy DoliDoli house. Tags : Played : 516 times
Escape the Phone Booth
Escape the Phone Booth How to Play : You'll need to get out of this fix on your own. Another outstanding Afro-Ninja escaping game. Tags : Played : 442 times